List of Conversation Topics

Conversation Topic Conversation Type Conversation Dates
The Silenced Project: Stories from Solitary Confinement Podcast 09/01/2023
Nobody's Listening: A Conversation with Yazda Nine Years After the Yazidi Genocide Podcast 08/01/2023
Afghanistan's Mobile Libraries: A Conversation with Freshta Karim Podcast 04/27/2023
La resiliencia, el autocuidado y la salud mental en la defensa de los derechos humanos Tactical Dialogue 03/28/2023
Healing, Policing and Incarceration: A Conversation with Ta'Mara Hill Podcast 01/10/2023
Holistic Self Care for Changemakers: A Conversation with Loretta Pyles Podcast 11/09/2022
Balancing Human Rights Activism and Self Care Twitter Chat 10/05/2022
Monitoring & Evaluation for Advocacy Work Tactical Dialogue 01/31/2020
Forcibly Displaced Non-refugees: Non-traditional Displacement Tactical Dialogue 10/28/2019 to 11/01/2019
Forcibly Displaced Non-refugees: Displaced by Violence Community Voice 05/06/2019 to 05/10/2019
Women in Peacebuilding Tactical Dialogue 12/03/2018 to 12/07/2018
Using Technology to Create Job Opportunities for Refugees Tactical Dialogue 10/01/2018 to 10/05/2018
Machine Learning and Human Rights: How to Maximize the Impact and Minimize the Risk Tactical Dialogue 06/18/2018 to 06/22/2018
Podcasting in Human Rights: Respecting the Storyteller Podcast 05/01/2018
Empowering Communities for Improving Delivery of Short and Long-term Humanitarian Aid Tactical Dialogue 01/29/2018 to 02/02/2018
Climate Justice: Embracing a Just Transition Tactical Dialogue 11/27/2017 to 12/01/2017
Supporting Faith Leaders and Faith-Based Organizations as Human Rights Defenders Tactical Dialogue 10/23/2017 to 10/27/2017
Sustaining Peace: Reintegrating Former Combatants into Society Tactical Dialogue 09/25/2017 to 09/29/2017
Advancing Access to Education for Refugees Tactical Dialogue 07/24/2017 to 07/28/2017
Creating and Sustaining Awareness of LGBTQI Rights Tactical Dialogue 06/26/2017 to 06/30/2017
Exploring the Role of Youth in Truth and Reconciliation Tactical Dialogue 04/24/2017 to 04/28/2017
Utilizing Businesses as part of Human Rights Movement Building Tactical Dialogue 03/27/2017 to 03/31/2017
Cultural Resistance: The Power of Music and Visual Art as Protest Tactical Dialogue 02/27/2017 to 03/01/2017
The Use of Data Visualization in Human Rights Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 01/30/2017 to 02/03/2017
Autocuidado, una estrategia política en la defensa de los derechos humanos Tactical Dialogue 11/28/2016 to 12/02/2016
The Role of Diaspora in Refugee Resettlement Tactical Dialogue 11/07/2016 to 11/11/2016
Violence against Women: Advocating for Legal Reform Tactical Dialogue 09/26/2016 to 09/30/2016
Combating Corruption in the Public Sector Tactical Dialogue 08/22/2016 to 08/26/2016
Protection of Indigenous Land Rights: Challenges & Remedies Tactical Dialogue 07/11/2016 to 07/15/2016
Using Social Networking for Innovative Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 05/23/2016 to 05/25/2016
Protecting Survivors and Witnesses Tactical Dialogue 04/18/2016 to 04/22/2016
Global Health Action in the Face of Climate Change Tactical Dialogue 03/28/2016 to 04/01/2016
Video for Change and Impact Tactical Dialogue 02/22/2016 to 02/26/2016
Principles of Persuasion: The Social Psychology Behind Change Tactical Dialogue 01/25/2016 to 01/29/2016
Evaluating the Human Rights Defender ‘Protection Regime’ Tactical Dialogue 11/16/2015 to 11/20/2015
Influencing Policy to Create Inclusive Societies for Persons with Disabilities Tactical Dialogue 10/26/2015 to 10/30/2015
Human Trafficking: Victim Related Services Tactical Dialogue 09/21/2015 to 09/25/2015
Intersectional Human Rights Organizing: A Strategy for Building Inclusive and Transformational Movements Tactical Dialogue 08/24/2015 to 08/28/2015
The Use of Photography in Advancing Human Rights Tactical Dialogue 06/24/2015 to 06/26/2015
Empowering Women in Political Participation and Leadership Tactical Dialogue 05/25/2015 to 05/29/2015
The Voice of Youth: How Youth Can Take on a Critical Role in Human Rights Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 04/13/2015 to 04/17/2015
Reconciliation Post-Conflict: Approaches, Practices and Realities Tactical Dialogue 02/23/2015 to 02/27/2015
Information and Communication Technology and its Role in Government Transparency and Citizen Participation Tactical Dialogue 01/26/2015 to 01/30/2015
Improving Access to Justice for Children and Teens Tactical Dialogue 10/13/2014 to 10/17/2014
Expanding Access to Justice through Community Paralegals Tactical Dialogue 08/25/2014 to 08/29/2014
Using Video for Documentation and Evidence Tactical Dialogue 07/21/2014 to 07/25/2014
Working Safely and Effectively with Documentation Tools Tactical Dialogue 06/09/2014 to 06/13/2014
Transitional Justice in Practice Tactical Dialogue 05/12/2014 to 05/23/2014
Engaging Regional Human Rights Mechanisms Tactical Dialogue 04/21/2014 to 04/25/2014
Engaging Non Traditional Allies Tactical Dialogue 03/24/2014 to 03/28/2014
Keeping the Momentum: How to maintain commitment and credibility Tactical Dialogue 02/17/2014 to 02/21/2014
Building strong human rights partnerships and coalitions Tactical Dialogue 01/13/2014 to 01/17/2014
Visualizing Information for Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 11/11/2013 to 11/15/2013
Change the Story: Harnessing the power of narrative for social change Tactical Dialogue 10/14/2013 to 10/18/2013
Media Tactics for Social Change Tactical Dialogue 09/16/2013 to 09/20/2013
Powerful Persuasion: Combating Traditional Practices that Violate Human Rights Tactical Dialogue 08/19/2013 to 08/23/2013
Tactics for Combating Militarisation Tactical Dialogue 06/10/2013 to 06/14/2013
Incorporating Social Media into Your Human Rights Campaigning Tactical Dialogue 05/13/2013 to 05/17/2013
Monitoring Prisons to Prevent Abuse Tactical Dialogue 04/15/2013 to 04/19/2013
Creating Safe Spaces: Tactics for Communities at Risk Tactical Dialogue 03/11/2013 to 03/15/2013
Engaging the United Nations Human Rights Council Tactical Dialogue 02/11/2013 to 02/15/2013
Using Humor to Expose the Ridiculous Tactical Dialogue 01/14/2013 to 01/18/2013
Share your 2012 human rights accomplishments Community Voice 12/17/2012 to 12/31/2012
Engaging Youth in Nonviolent Activism Tactical Dialogue 11/28/2012 to 12/04/2012
Empowering communities with technology tools to protect children Tactical Dialogue 10/17/2012 to 10/23/2012
Cultural Resistance: The arts of protest Tactical Dialogue 09/12/2012 to 09/18/2012
Physical spaces as catalysts for greater digital citizen participation Tactical Dialogue 08/08/2012 to 08/14/2012
Tactics for sustaining the well-being and security of defenders Tactical Dialogue 06/20/2012 to 06/26/2012
Archiving Human Rights for Advocacy, Justice and Memory Tactical Dialogue 05/16/2012 to 05/22/2012
Working with corporations to assess and improve human rights impact Tactical Dialogue 04/18/2012 to 04/24/2012
Strengthening Citizen Participation in Local Governance Tactical Dialogue 03/14/2012 to 03/20/2012
Advancing Children's Right to Education Tactical Dialogue 02/15/2012 to 02/21/2012
Fundraising for Human Rights: Lessons-learned and practical advice Tactical Dialogue 01/18/2012 to 01/24/2012
Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote Under-Represented Languages Tactical Dialogue 11/16/2011 to 11/22/2011
Faith-Based Peacebuilding: Applying a gender perspective Tactical Dialogue 10/19/2011 to 10/25/2011
Using Technology to Promote Transparency Tactical Dialogue 09/21/2011 to 09/27/2011
Using Mobile Phones for Citizen Media Tactical Dialogue 07/27/2011 to 08/02/2011
Being Well and Staying Safe: Resources for human rights defenders Tactical Dialogue 06/22/2011 to 06/28/2011
Front Line Watchdogs: Monitoring accountability for human rights Tactical Dialogue 05/18/2011 to 05/24/2011
Turning the Tables: Transforming conflicts related to resource extraction Tactical Dialogue 04/27/2011 to 05/03/2011
Joining Forces: Engaging men as allies in gender-sensitive peacebuilding Tactical Dialogue 03/30/2011 to 04/05/2011
Corporate Accountability Beyond Borders: Exploring home states’ efforts to protect against business-related human rights abuses Tactical Dialogue 02/23/2011 to 03/01/2011
Improving Access to Health: Activating in the intellectual property and health nexus Tactical Dialogue 01/26/2011 to 02/01/2011
Participatory Research for Action Tactical Dialogue 11/17/2010 to 11/23/2010
Domesticating International Human Rights Law Tactical Dialogue 10/27/2010 to 11/02/2010
Self-Care for Activists: Sustaining Your Most Valuable Resource Tactical Dialogue 09/22/2010 to 09/28/2010
Empowering Citizens to Fight Corruption Tactical Dialogue 08/25/2010 to 08/31/2010
Staying Safe: Security Resources for Human Rights Defenders Tactical Dialogue 07/21/2010 to 07/27/2010
Demo 07/14/2010 to 07/20/2010
Using Radio to Empower and Engage Communities Tactical Dialogue 05/26/2010 to 06/01/2010
Engaging youth in non-violent alternatives to militarism Tactical Dialogue 04/21/2010 to 04/27/2010
Tactics That Tickle: Laughing All the Way to the Win Tactical Dialogue 03/24/2010 to 03/30/2010
Using Budgets for Monitoring Tactical Dialogue 02/24/2010 to 03/02/2010
Documenting Violations: Choosing the Right Approach Tactical Dialogue 01/27/2010 to 02/02/2010
Training Law Enforcement for Prevention of Ill-Treatment and Torture Tactical Dialogue 11/18/2009 to 11/24/2009
Geo-mapping for human rights Tactical Dialogue 10/28/2009 to 11/03/2009
Art spaces hosting activism & strengthening community engagement Tactical Dialogue 09/23/2009 to 09/29/2009
Using Shadow Reports for Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 08/26/2009 to 09/01/2009
Information Activism: Turning Information into Action Tactical Dialogue 07/08/2009 to 07/14/2009
Engaging Pro-Bono Lawyers Tactical Dialogue 05/27/2009 to 06/02/2009
Building Human Rights Cities Tactical Dialogue 04/22/2009 to 04/28/2009
Healing of Memories: Overcoming the Wounds of History Tactical Dialogue 03/25/2009 to 03/31/2009
Human Trafficking: Addressing Modern Day Slavery Tactical Dialogue 02/25/2009 to 03/03/2009
Election Monitoring Tactical Dialogue 01/21/2009 to 01/27/2009
Human Rights in Higher Education: Incorporating practical experience Tactical Dialogue 11/19/2008 to 11/25/2008
Using Theatre for Human Rights Education and Action Tactical Dialogue 10/22/2008 to 10/28/2008
2008 Year-End Review Community Voice 09/24/2008 to 09/30/2008
HIV/AIDS Prevention Tactical Dialogue 08/20/2008 to 08/26/2008
Video Advocacy Tactical Dialogue 06/25/2008 to 07/01/2008
Training for Nonviolent Action Tactical Dialogue 05/28/2008 to 06/03/2008
Using National Human Rights Institution mechanisms for addressing discrimination issues Tactical Dialogue 04/23/2008 to 04/29/2008
Truth and Reconciliation Processes: Aiding community healing through addressing impunity Tactical Dialogue 03/26/2008 to 04/01/2008
Engaging the Media in Human Rights Tactical Dialogue 02/27/2008 to 03/04/2008
Unarmed Accompaniment Tactical Dialogue 01/23/2008 to 01/29/2008
Using Mobile Phones for Action Tactical Dialogue 11/28/2007 to 12/04/2007
The Power of Place: Sites of Conscience Tactical Dialogue 10/24/2007 to 10/30/2007
Information is Power: Librarianship and Human Rights Tactical Dialogue 09/26/2007 to 10/02/2007
What Resources are Used by Human Rights Defenders to Create Effective Strategies? Community Voice
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