Training Law Enforcement for Prevention of Ill-Treatment and Torture

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 to Tuesday, November 24, 2009
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The New Tactics online dialogue “Training Law Enforcement for Prevention of Ill-Treatment and Torture” examined the various aspects of training methodologies and its significance to help upgrade and develop law enforcement officer’s capacities to better perform their role in preventing or at least diminishing torture occurrences. The dialogue adopted five main themes that embodied the most relevant issues relating training with both law enforcement and torture prevention, under each theme the dialogue was open for comments from eight featured law enforcement experts and six non-governmental organizations who represent different fields of expertise concerning the issue at hand. It was also open for the New Tactics general community and public interested in the topic to participate with their comments and ask questions about one or more of the themes pursued in the dialogue.

A brief summary of this conversation is posted below. You can also download this 65-page PDF that contains the entire conversation, including all of the comments added to the dialogue.

Theme 1: Law Enforcement Training Components:
This major theme area of law enforcement training components was a pressing topic to share questions, ideas, stories and experiences regarding law enforcement training components, such as:  Materials and Knowledge content, Hands-on, Practical content, Rule of Law and Universal Integration. Throughout the dialogue duration these issues were covered:

Theme 2: Accountability and Impact:
In this theme the dialogue explored aspects of accountability and how training can and does impact the official mechanisms of accountability and how law enforcement trainings address the role of official mechanisms of accountability; and the often raised dilemma of “security versus human rights”. In this context there were several inputs regarding the following issues:

Theme 3: Challenges of Access, Credibility, Contradictions and Structures:
In the area of challenges, ideas covered were related to how human rights professionals can gain access to law enforcement structures and trainees and what makes human rights professionals credible in the eyes of law enforcement when they provide training. In that context the following topics were covered:

Theme 4: Concerns of Law Enforcement Officers Themselves:
This theme focused on concerns of law enforcement officers themselves, taking in account their rights, and how are concerns and rights of individual law enforcement officers regarding such areas as pay, time-off, working conditions, equipment, disciplinary actions and grievance procedures, etc., addressed in trainings. The following issues were discussed:

Theme 5:  Stories of Impact and Effectiveness
In this theme the dialogue shared stories, questions, ideas, and experiences regarding impact and effectiveness of human rights training and education initiatives to make a difference and what was useful in helping to identify impact and effectiveness, and mentioning stories of success in preventing ill-treatment and torture. In this respect several ideas were presented:

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Conversation Leaders

Ralph.'s picture
Ralph Crawshaw
Human Rights Centre, University of Essex.
mpringle's picture
Matthew Pringle
vbicak's picture
Vahit Bicak
Turkish National Police Academy, Faculty of Security Sciences
AV5675kln's picture
Alice Verghese
Jem Stevens's picture
Jem Stevens
Association for the Prevention of Torture
Cecil B. Griffiths's picture
Cecil Griffiths
Liberia National Law Enforcement Association
eommar's picture
Ibrahim Elghazawi
Humphrey Fellowship Program in Human Rights, Minnesota
ninasingh's picture
Nina Singh
evgenchev's picture
Evgeni Genchev
ACET - Assistance Center for Torture Survivors, Sofia, Bulgaria
ClintonFernandes's picture
Clinton Fernandes
University of New South Wales
Walter Suntinger's picture
Walter Suntinger
HumanRightsConsulting Vienna, Member of Austrian National Preventive Mechanism
philyons's picture
Phillip Lyons
College of Criminal Justice--Sam Houston State University
TAyalew's picture
Tekeste Ayalew
Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture in Ethiopia
Anneke Osse's picture
Anneke Osse
independent consultant working on police and human rights/police reform/ police accountability