What is a #HumanRightsChat Moderator?

Our #HumanRightsChat Moderators are the driving force behind the success of our online conversations.

New Tactics #HumanRightsChat Moderators facilitate a New Tactics Twitter chat.

Moderators are responsible for:  

  • Collaborating with New Tactics to determine the conversation topic and questions
  • Collaborating with New Tactics to identify #HumanRightsChat Leaders and other participants
  • Promoting the chat within their networks
  • Posting questions and comments while the Twitter chat is active to help facilitate the discussion

New Tactics works closely with Moderators by:

  • Coordinating the conversation by inviting #HumanRightsChat Leaders and participants
  • Promoting the chat on our website, via email updates, and on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram pages
  • Training #HumanRightsChat Moderators, Featured Participants, and other participants on how to participate in the chat
  • Providing other support and guidance as needed for the #HumanRightsChat Moderator

If you are interested in participating in this community as a #HumanRightsChat Moderator, contact us.

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