About Us

Inspiring and equipping activists to change the world.

Here at New Tactics, we believe informed and connected citizens are key to lasting human rights improvements in their communities. Our mission is to strengthen the work of everyday activists, advocates and human rights defenders (HRDs). We do this through providing resources and training in strategic thinking and tactical planning.

Since 1999, New Tactics has provided successful and peaceful human rights-based approaches that activists and HRDs can adapt to their own unique contexts. We have strengthened the work of thousands of individuals and organizations across the globe.

New Tactics supports activists and HRDs in three key ways:

  1. Sharing tools and resources: We offer a variety of free resources. Partners and participants say these tools make a significant difference in the way they approach their work:

  • Tactics Database: This online collection provides more than 250 examples of successful human rights-based tactics. You can browse the full library or filter by goal, issue or geographic region.
  • Strategy Toolkit: Our Strategic Effectiveness Method helps HRDs create a clear path to change. The five-step method assists you in making a plan, while recognizing your areas of strength and challenge.
  • Tactical Mapping Tool: Our secure online tool helps activists and HRDs map and track their allies and opponents, visualizing the relationships between key actors. You can then better assess power dynamics and identify opportunities for effective action.
  • Advocacy Evaluation Toolkit: These tools support activists and HRDs in evaluating their advocacy campaigns. You can then adjust and improve your human rights advocacy efforts.
  1. Training and mentoring: New Tactics conducts both in-person and virtual workshops with activists and HRDs around the world.

  • Globally, we've trained thousands of participants in 89 different countries. We offer workshops in English, Arabic and Spanish.

  • In the MENA region, our Amman office offers localized, direct coaching to human rights organizations. Since 2010, New Tactics MENA has trained more than 3,000 HRDs in our Strategic Effectiveness Method. These participants came from over 1,000 organizations in the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

We offer customized workshops to enhance strategic advocacy planning within your specific context. Additionally, we offer extended one-on-one mentorship throughout the life of your campaign.

  1. Building an online community: New Tactics has facilitated online conversations amongst HRDs since 2007. These conversations help strengthen the global human rights community. Activists and HRDs can connect with new allies, share their experiences and find new tactics. We’ve held over 100 conversations in English, Arabic and Spanish. More than 600 experienced practitioners from 120 countries have participated.

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New Tactics has offices in Minnesota, USA and Amman, Jordan. For further information or training requests, please contact us at NewTactics@cvt.org.