What People Are Saying

North America

“The process allows you to think about the issue that you want to tackle beyond just the immediate actors that you can identify when you think about it very quickly...if we hadn't gone through that process then we wouldn’t have come up with such interesting ways to tackle it” - Alexandra Sevett & Audel Shokohzadeh, members of Sonder (USA)

Middle East and North Africa

“This training has given the staff new lenses. It helped the staff look at things from a different angle/perspective and to take all possible useful details that we usually tend to overlook into consideration.” - Lebanese Workshop Participant

“The methodology itself and the philosophy behind it presented us with a new vision and motivation for work. We now have a clearer vision in presenting the issues we work on and where we want to get to in our goals and objectives.” - Jordanian Workshop Participant

“I will use the tools learned in this workshop to plan better for issues we are working on and to draw an action plan ahead which facilitates a clearer vision. - Egyptian Workshop Participant

“Strategic planning is very important to solve the problem related to your issue. It enables us to see the issue clearly and be effective in achieving our goals and saving time and efforts” - Tunisian Workshop Participant

Latin America

“This for me was very important and for my organization. It’s not something that is so difficult to learn, it can be done. Institutions come trying to teach what we don’t understand and can’t apply. This is easy to apply in our communities.” - Guatemalan Workshop Participant


“I came here not feeling very confident about my capacity and ability as a human rights defender. This workshop nourished me by: allowing me to meet so many wonderful people; allowing me to learn from such a diverse range of experiences; and making me feel that I can contribute meaningfully to the world.” - Asia Regional Training Workshop Participant

“It is like a door open for us to get in and do our work so we did it and I understand that we can use it in our work. I felt like we have gained new ideas and vision.” - Thailand Workshop Participant

“The [training] gave us a lot. On a personal note, we got this information on strategy and tactics, not something new but I didn’t have a detailed vision. That’s needed by everyone. All the people here – we need to convey the information to those we work with to develop further plans. Now we can be more clear.” - East Asian Workshop Participant


“We have been using tactics but often don't reflect on how we made the progress we have made. After this workshop we will reflect more on HOW we work.” - Liberia Training Workshop Participant

“It’s incredible everything I learned here, not just new ideas but because we offer opportunities for solutions to correct such problems.” - Senegalese Workshop Participant