E2A: Upcoming Training Opportunities

Advocacy Evaluation Workshop in Mexico City, 29 May - 1 June 2023

We invite you to apply for a capacity development training on how to use evaluation to develop more effective advocacy campaigns!

This highly-participatory training welcomes two participants from your organization who are involved in an active human rights advocacy campaign or project to attend. Each pair will: 

  • learn an activist-approved advocacy evaluation methodology, 
  • develop an evaluation plan for their  advocacy campaign, 
  • begin to implement the evaluation plan and the methodology with their colleagues and partners, and
  • have an opportunity to apply for intensive mentorship on evaluation dissemination.

The in-person training will be held in Mexico City. The Center for Victims of Torture will cover the travel costs of activists who are selected to participate in the workshop, including flights, lodging, and meals.

The training also includes two pre-workshop virtual sessions and at least two follow-up virtual mentoring sessions to support implementation of the evaluation plan.

CVT will then select 2-3 organizations  and provide 6 months of ongoing virtual support to further develop and disseminate their evaluation learnings. This support includes weekly check-ins to provide review and feedback and monthly trainings on topics such as writing evaluation results for publication.

Please note: this initiative is funded by the US government.

How can I learn more about advocacy evaluation? A free toolkit is currently available on our website.

Who should apply? Staff of human rights-based civil society organizations based in Latin America who are interested in learning how to plan effective and ethical evaluations of their advocacy campaigns. We are asking organizations to nominate two staff members when applying. The workshop will be conducted in Spanish.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Applicants must be available for 2 pre-workshop virtual sessions (15 May and 25 May), all 4 days of the training (29 May - 1 June), and at least 2 follow-up virtual mentoring sessions to support evaluation implementation (tentatively 16 June and 30 June).
  • Applicants must work for a civil society organization that focuses on human rights issues and should be fully prepared to share back their learnings with their own organization and community.
  • Applicants should be working on an active advocacy campaign or project.
  • Applicants should NOT have extensive formal experience or training in evaluation methodology or data collection and analysis. This training is designed for activists with little to no experience with evaluation methodology (e.g. the training would be appropriate for someone with basic knowledge of core monitoring and evaluation concepts).
Applications will be accepted  13-31 March 2023.