How do I participate in #HumanRightsChat?

Twitter chats are a way of connecting through a shared hashtag.

Our current chat series will use #HumanRightsChat.

You can participate by:

  • At the time of the chat, search #HumanRightsChat on Twitter and click Latest to view and reply to the most recent tweets in the conversation OR
  • For a more organized experience, follow the chat through TweetDeck, which allows you to add columns for #HumanRights chat, the chat moderator, your notifications, etc.

Twitter chats are great for:

  • audience engagement
  • interacting with new allies around a topic
  • fostering idea sharing

Like an in-person experience, a Twitter chat is run like an event with a specific start and end time and set agenda. #HumanRightsChat will last for one hour.

In the beginning of the hour, the moderator will ask for introductions. Then over the course of the hour, five questions will be shared using Q1, Q2, etc. Participants will respond using A1, A2, etc. The most important tip is to always include the #HumanRightsChat hashtag!

All of our online conversations, including #HumanRightsChat are archived on our website for future reference. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to participate!