Anneke Osse

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Anneke Osse
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Consultant on Police and Human Rights
independent consultant working on police and human rights/police reform/ police accountability
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Anneke’s main field of interest has since long been maintaining or enhancing police integrity. Over the past decade or so she has focused on Police & Human Rights, how the two domains interrelate, how police accountability can be enhanced and how police officers and human rights advocates can work together for the same goal: a safe and secure environment in which people can prosper and optimalize their potential. 

As the police never work in isolation she includes working on the wider security sector and criminal justice system.

Anneke worked with the police in the Netherlands for some 12 years, as a trainer and management consultant. In 2004 she joined Amnesty International's Dutch section to manage the Police and Human Rights Programme. For Amnesty International she wrote ‘Understanding Policing; a Resource for Human Rights Activists’ which was translated into 6 languages.

Since 2010 she is a full time self employed consultant working for a range of organizations, including the UN and international NGOs, mainly in the field of police accountability and police and human rights. In 2011 UNODC published the UNODC Handbook on Police Accountability, Oversight and Integrity, which was authored by Anneke. From 2011 to 2013 she has been working on police reform in Kenya.