Cecil B. Griffiths

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Cecil Griffiths
Liberia National Law Enforcement Association
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Col. Cecil B. Griffiths has served as patrol officer, traffic officer, and detective in the Liberian police. He was appointed Chief Statistician of a new Central Statistics Unit, and was later promoted to the rank of Captain. In 1986 he was transferred to the police training academy, and later appointed Chief of Research and Curriculum Development. In 1987 Griffiths was appointed Administrative Assistant to the Director. As the war intensified in 1989-90, Griffiths was forced to flee the country, but was trapped for six weeks in rebel-held areas before reaching Ghana, where he remained for more than two years. He returned to Liberia in August 1992, and was again appointed instructor at the Police Academy. In January 1993, he was made Chief of Planning and Research, with the mandate of developing a short-range plan to provide nationwide police services and security coverage until inauguration day. In creating this plan he discovered that the problems confronting the department were primarily administrative in cause, and that a competent core of administrators with the professional will to take appropriate actions was needed to commence police department reform. Since 1995, Griffiths has been the President of the Liberian National Law Enforcement Association, which he helped create. He is author of the New Tactics tactical notebook, Promoting Human Rights Professionalism in the Liberian Police Force.