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Keeping up with global events - sources?

What sources (email lists, forums, blogs, publications) do you find important for keeping track of advocacy trends and events? 

RE: Sources

Other than New Tactics in Human Rights, of course... I think that one really good source for information specifically regarding human rights is Waging NonViolence (@wagingnv). Another good one that comes to mind is OpenDemocracy - Open Global Rights (@openRights_oD). I am sure others can add to a list of great sources for keeping track of advocacy trends and events -- particularly the events part of it. How do people know when things are taking place they want to be involved in? That is if the event can be shared in advance so as to not give away strategic advantage.

I will also throw in a resource for learning about great/innovative social media campaigns in the realm of activism and that is the Webby Awards: -- you can also look back at years past for campaigns.



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Keeping up

A bunch of places!

Conferences like Yes and Yes Yes (edgy tech), Personal Democracy Forum (civic tech), Web of Change (progressive tech for advocacy), Nonprofit Software Developer's Summit (deliciously radical tech). If you go, you must priotitize staying in touch with the community and with people you meet.

First Post is a brilliant daily roundup of cutting edge civic tech news, and is the best single place to keep up with organizing tech news. It's $75/ yr to subscribe, and worth it.

Greenpeace's Mobilisation Lab has a zillion great resources. Sign up for their newsletter and keep tabs on their webinars. This resource has the wonderful benefit of being decidely international.

Most of my trends/events news comes direct through my carefully built network on twitter. Follow me at @rachelannyes, and steal all the geat people I follow.