Sofia Macher

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Sofia Macher
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Institute for Legal Defense
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Sofia Macher is a former Commissioner for Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. She has been involved in the human rights movement for nearly three decades, including tenures as the first female head of the Peruvian branch of Amnesty International, three consecutive terms with the Executive International Committee of Amnesty International, and a position on the Executive Secretariat of the Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos (National Organizing Committee of Human Rights, a coalition of sixty-five NGO’s dedicated to human rights) when she represented civil society in the negotiations that led to the OEA, the agreement and crucial organism that paved the way for Peru’s democratic transition. Currently, she continues her human rights work as a member of the professional team of the Instituto de Defensa Legal, (Institute for Legal Defense, IDL).

Sofia is the recipient of the 2004 Notre Dame Prize for Distinguished Public Service in Latin America and the 2007 Human Rights Award from the Advocates for Human Rights.