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Paul Haupt is a Clinical Psychologist. He worked as a briefer for the Reparation and Rehabilitation Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, providing emotional support for victims appearing in public hearings (including hearings on human rights violations and amnesty). He has extensive experience in the workings of the commission and has been engaged in the debates surrounding its work and South Africa’s political transition in general.

Paul is a therapist and an independent consultant focusing on organizational and individual transformation and development. Paul is a visiting lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business where he is the academic director of an Advance Leadership Programme. Previously, Paul was director of perpetrator studies at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town. In this capacity, he conducted more than 80 in-depth interviews among South Africa’s former antagonists from across the political divides. This work aimed to deepen understanding of the motives and perspectives of South Africans engaged in armed political conflict. The findings of this research were published in a book entitled Theater of Violence: Narratives of Protagonists in the South African Conflict (2005) HSRC, the book is available on the HSRC press website at