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Working safely and effectively with documentation Tolls conversation Good to guide the victims in a positive way but in the meantime now technology and the Government unaccountability polices and the current law is question whether is possible?


The Amendments of Anti –Terrorism Act 2001 to defense or security from the Terrorist target but same law was upper taken to as we all same as of the suspects and Monitoring 24/7 surveillance and Involuntary testing with secret weapons. After the 2001  Anti-Terrorism Act  the Government have allowed to provide information to foreign countries and some other laws allowed  to make a discredit me and  under the act my reasonable request of freedom of information and transparency denied. Also the Information privacy office also treating in different view of my case.  Under this law I have been torture in and outside Canada.    NSA’s Tactics have been used to prevented terrorism.  But there were significant harms associated with innocent’s people being incorrectly marked as terrorist threats (false positive).  Also it have been use to   Spy Agents Activities and Unlawful Non- Consensual weapons Testing.( Human experiment).Police/Spy Agents spread  lies that I am a terrorist or something in order to motive the public. I believe I am being targeted for indemnity.  Terrorism was the phrase used to justify the Canadian torture regime.

·         I have been chosen, under covert surveillance of my residence, I have been tortured more than six years as my physical and mental state.  Causing severe physical and mental pain and suffering. I have been electrocuted and caused intentionally inflicted in last six years. Police and security Agents direct and indirectly involved.


I mean the victim complaint or the real voice of the threat not even in police report record.  Also they brought an Unknown name person as Nurse and refused to give any detail of him. And labeling as a delusion.   By doing this the police officers allowed to cause grievous bodily harm and try to kill me. And more over my dignity and exercise of rights have been denied and continuing conspiracy. All over police failed to treat or protect and omitting to make entry in record and conspiring. Those causes seriously endanger the health. Under this circumstance I brought my complaint to OIPRD which had been ignored the reason given it was not be in the public Interest.


Also internationally the torture is continuing experimentation with covert technology by the governments. For that reasons police not taking victim’s complaint in to account or Circumstance evidence   or Documents   or physical evidence.  Police working as puppet of International spy agencies.

I cannot go freely walk on street, cars and police / Gangs mobbing in the street even outside Canada.

This is uniform crime and undemocratic and barbarism culture this has to stop by your help.  Denying all the information and disclosure, police patrolling, Gangs mobbing, targeting, then very thing labeling.  How is the constitution, or Rule of Law   or, Democratic system going help to the country or any other ways? Keeps all in secret and keep the Canadian in the dark similar way of 2nd world war time. More over the country in the secure level who can do this type horrific and brutality things without police or national security knowledge?


Significant increase in the number of satellite deployed for the purpose of civilian surveillance and harassment. Over 20,000 satellites currently target and silence countless people worldwide (nearly I million us repot say) as a result of such bad laws.  Using secret technology given open permission for those under surveillance to be used for remote experimentation.  The victims are not openly confronted as that would remove any feigned excuses and leave the perpetrators open to all manner of accusation. Instead the methods used are covert, employing high retch to remotely torment and deceive victims without leaving evidence.  Often targets are tricked into believing they are having psychic, medical, psychiatric, religious or even alien experiences.

The secret satellites matter and their technology,   Engineers and Doctors have no knowledge. So the spy Agents keeps as unknowledgeable person and keep the Canadian in the dark doing this torture. So evidence how can we get? (Which they are not). This leaves them discredited   as they vainly seek help from ignorance or complicit authorities (doctors, Police, Media, and MP).  This leaves them neutralized and possibly even silenced on the issue they originally raised.

Police tracking me where ever I move and organizing the covert surveillance and continuing the 24/7 police surveillance (NSA) program and unlawful non –consensual weapons Testing in the residential place.


The apparatus used by the government ‘s Law enforcement forces defy any attempt at identifying the type of weaponry used as the highly technological aspect of the system is too complicate to specify. Though the victims feel the impact of the attack they are unable to prove it in the absence visible signs or injury to their bodies. The truth about secret weapons and the involuntary testing of those weapons on civilians still continuing and kept secrecy orders. Surveillance and harassment currently target and silence countless worlds wide. The Electromagnetic weapons operate in multilevel but public are largely unaware that exist, because it operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence. Nonconsensual human experimentation is worldwide problem. We have a Global problem facing us and future generations.

·         Most of the medical authorities believe that if any weaponry is used against the victim it will cause visible injury. This is way the police and other Authority follow too.  Because of that law/medical professional refused to take this case too. So they are really perplexed. Surprisingly the law enforcement people also surreptitiously insist on some visible evidence of the attack.  Because of these the victim is frustrated and unable to follow up with any further action. 

·         Policy attacking imaginary enemies and treated roughly no matter their states. Mechanisms have been turn against me under the Marginalized people list.  Keeps me tracking and targeting with the Spy agencies or undercover police and belongs their groups Injuring, Harassing trying discredit.  Even the Doctors office and staff have been force to ignore me and hate in order to label.

·         The Psychiatry diagnostic procedures not considering the scientific facts or reports. The APA admission that psychiatric disorders lack scientific validity. The psychiatric Board why cannot consider the Electromagnetic weapons characteristic and that cause the biological effect. Also it causes the experience severe pain, burning sensation, cramps so many. These all are not valid? We would not be tortured and manipulated in a properly functions legal system/society. 

It is impossible to receive for and unbiased treatment, liberty and justice for all.  It is also impossible to ethically up hold and administrator justice according to state and Federal code and constitution of Canada. It shows that color of Law the unfair and bias administration of law and brutality allegation.


The bottom line is a through , of the dysfunction structure of this system from the unfair and bias administration of Law and justice and abuse of Authority as it relates  to law enforcement , legal procedure, judicial proceeding and more .


The human Rights mechanisms play an important role in monitoring government compliance with human rights obligations.  Regional human rights bodies receive individual complaints, monitor and report on human rights conditions.  These are powerful mechanisms to maintain the human Rights records but very thing have been misled by the police misconduct and unaccountability. My past record say denying all information the rule of Law have been misled.   I believe I am being targeted for indemnity.  Terrorism was the phrase used to justify the Canadian torture regime.

Any of my requested has been denied by Ontario / Government of Canada and keeps as a Marginalized people list and torturing.  


Reclaiming our Constitution:

The Canada already has the Universal Declaration of Human rights ban torture, cruel, inhuman degrading but does not help to torture victims.  Police and intelligence practices Energy weapons legally and misusing the power. The grip of injustice

·         Effective laws and other measures from our government need to enacted to prevent the victims.

·         Stop psychiatrists current system of DSM diagnostic is become a true embarrassment for the mental health industry.  It is allowing doing the legal torture prosecute tortures to the fullest extent of law.

·         The optional protocol should allow the torture victims for the forensic scientific investigation in cases involving in injury test.  Have to consider the tissue damage or the legal aspect of   Forensic testing.

·         WHO World health Organization) has to amend proper law or restriction for this Microwave /Rader Radiation target. The high technologies open the door to the human experiment target very simply. Stop Unconventional testing and Force Torture. 

·         Urge the Federal Government when the torture Compliant must take in account and independent inquiry and injunctive remedy.

·         Same way legal empower has to give the chance to Inquiry by the UNO by call conference or personally .This way is helping the victims protecting from torture in future.

·         More over the local police Division has to seek by UNO by torture trail.

·         The Government must provide our information and privacy seeing injunctive relief. And access information why or what wrong information I have to ill treatment torture and soft killing   by the Authority. 


The Ensure to make public justice systems work for victims of abuse and oppression that urgently need the protection of law.  By pushing individual case of abuse through the justice system and denying victims the protection of their legal systems.  Your Organization needs to address these specific points of brokenness to meet the urgent of victims of injustice.  Forensic testing protocol has consider invisible injury for the medical documents and the Arms /weapons impact ,satellite  weapons   Law has to impose and would have to know the impact of weapons operations for the medical  and other authority . Then only in future the victims able prepare documents under the naked torture.


 Seeks to hold perpetrators accountable for their abuse in their local justice systems.





Navaratnam Kandasamy