Celebrating the 2012 online contributions from our colleagues

As we look forward to 2013, I want to pause for a moment to acknowledge the achievements of New Tactics in 2012, and the great contributions of the New Tactics community.

With the help of 6 conversation partners and 119 conversation leaders, we hosted 10 online dialogues featuring the following diverse topics:

To host these dialogues, we partnered with 6 amazing individuals/organizations:

  • Grace Lile of WITNESS
  • Analia Penchaszadeh and Katherine Ronderos of the Women Human Rights Defenders Initiative, Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
  • Eddie Avila of Rising Voices
  • Nadine Bloch of Nonviolence International
  • Linda Raftree of Plan International USA
  • Jose deVries of the Women Peacemakers Program

A total of 187 people participated in these dialogues. Of these people, 119 were recruited by New Tactics and our partners to be conversation leaders.  A total of 973 comments were added to these 10 dialogues, and 9 of these dialogues have summaries written (all except the Nov/Dec dialogue). On average, each dialogue while it was live was viewed 2420 times.

Regarding our website: so far in 2012, 88,000 people visited the New Tactics website. On average, the website was visited 10,000 times each month.

Thank you for contributing to another great year of tactical exchange!

Now, looking forward to 2013, we'd appreciate your input on selecting our upcoming conversation topics. Please take a moment to learn about our plans for 2013 and share your feedback. Thanks!

Kristin Antin - New Tactics Online Community Builder