What is #HumanRightsChat?

#HumanRightsChat began as a discussion between human rights activists on Twitter. While we no longer hold Twitter chats, we encourage activists to share their experiences advancing human rights strategy using this hashtag. More recently, New Tactics has launched the Human Rights Chat podcast, where we interview activists and human rights defenders on their best resources for more strategic and effective advocacy. The Human Rights Chat podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and SoundCloud.

Human Rights Chat conversations allow participants to:

  • Reflect on their work by sharing their experiences
  • Learn from others’ experiences and find new tactics
  • Connect with new allies and create new networks and communities of practice

New Tactics' online conversations have taken various form over the years including public forums, webinars, and podcasts .All of our prior online conversations are available on our website.

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