Strategy & Tactics Training

A woman working on a tactical mapNew Tactics in Human Rights trains human rights defenders around the world to be more effective in their work.

The New Tactics Strategic Effectiveness method will guide you from problem to action. 

Our core training will teach you how to:

The trainings are focused on helping human rights defenders learn and use the tools and processes of the Strategic Effectiveness method. We provide hands-on activities and experience working with others to create a strategy and identify effective tactics. You’ll share what you know, find new allies and map out solutions with human rights defenders as dedicated and creative as you are. Through the trainings you’ll learn new ways of evaluating and approaching your work.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets a common standard of rights and treatment for all people. This shared vision inspires and supports us when we face difficult conditions and challenges. New Tactics in Human Rights provides training so human rights defenders can build on these principles. By understanding and using strategies and tactics, human rights defenders can follow a clearer path to achieving their goals.

Our funding limits our ability to provide in-person training programs for all human rights groups, so we have developed our online Strategy Toolkit which will give you and your group resources to work together to develop your strategy and select effective tactics. We want to know how we can help your network or coalition be more effective, please give us your feedback.  We also welcome training inquiries. Please complete the inquiry form to inform us of your organization’s interests and needs in strategy and tactic training.

Online training materials will be added to our website so visit us regularly. You can also sign up for e-mail notices or join us on Facebook or Twitter to learn about new materials.