Share resources for organizations working to engage the UNHRC.

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Share resources for organizations working to engage the UNHRC.

Share articles, videos, toolkits, guides, case studies – anything that you think would be helpful for someone interested in learning more about engaging the UNHRC.

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Book - The UNHRC: A critique and early assessment

Rosa Freedman connected with us on Twitter to share a book that she has written titled The United Nations Human Rights Council: A critique and early assessment. Here's an excerpt from the description:

This book examines the creation and formative years of the United Nations Human Rights Council and assesses the extent to which the Council has fulfilled its mandate. International law and theories of international relations are used to examine the Council and its functions. Council sessions, procedures and mechanisms are analysed in-depth, with particular consideration given to whether the Council has become politicised to the same extent as the Commission. Whilst remaining aware of the key differences in their functions, Rosa Freedman compares the work of the Council to that of treaty-based human rights bodies. The author draws on observations from her attendance at Council proceedings in order to offer a unique account of how the body works in practice.

Any books on the UNHRC and how NGOs have utilized this mechanism?

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Free online material to help NGOs figure out the UNHRC system

Anita already shared a few great online resources available to NGOs:

The NGO Group for the CRC has produced fact sheets for child rights NGOs interested in engaging in the UPR explaining the mechanism, and how to prepare a good written submission. A third one on NGO advocacy will be released before the end of March 2013.

There is also an NGO based in Geneva that works exclusively on the UPR and can provide assistance to NGOs called

What other websites and online material are available to help NGOs navigate the Human Rights Council system?

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A handbook for civil society

This free handbook, compiled by the OHCHR, might be useful:

'Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme: A handbook for civil society'

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