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Practical Examples & Open Forum

This is a space for conversation leaders and guests to pose questions propose ideas, share successes, tactics, tools and resources with one another that have not been addressed in other threads.

What resource or projects do you find useful and inspiring?

Hi Brent and everyone...

I wonder if this open forum is a good place to provide links to resources, campaigns, projects and examples of business engagement on human rights that we each find useful and even inspiring? I am finding that as I read even the early comments a number of things come to mind. Frankly, am also keen to hear what all of you as fellow conversation leaders (and anyone participating) make use of and/or what you have been inspired about recently.  

Brent, shut this down it is not helpful : ) 


Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

This porta - - is something I visited every day when I first started this work 10-years ago, and I regularly return still. Its a bit of a "one stop shop" for latest news, case, initiatives, big issues/topics, guidance, company and government performance etc. 


BHR Teaching Forum

The BHR Teaching Forum connects over 300 lecturers of BHR at law and business schools. At this year's annual workshop we will discuss how to bring real-world human rights challenges into the classroom with innovative teaching approaches. The Forum also pools course syllabi and other teaching resources for BHR. Weblink here -