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Practical Examples & Open Forum

This is a space for conversation leaders and guests to pose questions propose ideas, share successes, tactics, tools and resources with one another that have not been addressed in other threads. 

Sustaining Peace: Reintegrating Former Combatants into Society

The benchmark for DDR processes is the International Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Standards of the UN (IDDRS) accessible on the link herebelow.

For a quick understanding of the DDR process, Massimo Fusato's essay is useful. It is found on intractability's website.

while a comparative approach would also help in getting a global picture.


Contextual Challenges

Sometimes the challenges of DDRR come from the environment! Working in the Central African Republic, one of the biggest challenges was the lack of infracture and the elements! 

Flooded Road, Central African Republic
So alternative means have to be
Why don't we remember the lessons we have already learned?

One of my great frustrations as a Chief of a Peacebuilding Unit was that well-meaning external actors continued to engage in peacebuilding efforts without reference to good practice that had already been documented. One report reviewed (see link below) donor practices in Burundi and prepared a "report card" on donor projects in light of good practice. It is enlightening and disheartening at the same time with donors receiving a failing grade. In my opinion, we need greater consolidation of tools and strategies to ensure that good practice is widely shared.

Compendium of Operational Tools for Peacebuilding

Remembering lesson learned is critical to effective policy-making and operational effectiveness. Multiple donors and NGOs have documented good practice for peacebuilding which are assembled in the link below. Please visit the Compendium of Operational Tools for Peacebuilding. If you have additonal tools to suggest, please do so.