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This is a space for conversation leaders and guests to pose questions propose ideas, share successes, tactics, tools and resources with one another that have not been addressed in other threads. 



Capacity building materials

Hi everyone! 

There are several materials out there that aim to help us build capacity, develop effective campaigns and interventions. It would be great to use the space here to also try and compile a few of them. 

To kickstart this, I would like to share the Transition in Action website, and, more specifically, the 100% RE Campaign Toolkit, available in Russian, English and Arab.

What are the guides and material you would like to share?

Energy Democracy Policy Instruments


This is an interesting article. 

Energy democracy: Goals and policy instruments for sociotechnical transitions.


Can be found at


Just Transition Alliance

Another good group who is working on Just Transition, and has been for many years is Just Transition Alliance. They have worked with labor and economic and environemntal justice groups to help bridge the gap toward a more just and sustainable economy.