Robert Mykoff

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Robert Mykoff
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art director /artist
Rochester Inst. of Technology (R.I.T.) Masters Candidate
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Career : Worked as art director in media post-production / CGI + 3d anim. for content licensed in videogames & corporate applications; also a bit of print design. 

Pro bono + Non-commercial work : co-director of Atlanta's High Museum Annual Film Festival ; video production at NOVAC {New Orleans video access center} ; graphics designed to counteract voter apathy in 2004 & '08 U.S. elections; Design + storyboards for Fair Trade promotion of Ecuadoran food exports [for EcoFacilitation].

Worked for clients /studios chiefly based in San Francisco /Bay Area; previously based in Austin & Atlanta; projects included in-house + indep. contracts.

Current : I decided to return to my roots in fine art, so I said goodbye to previous years as a cog in the commercial-machine by entering the graduate / M.F.A. program in Rochester, NY.