Marie Juul Petersen

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Marie Juul Petersen
Danish Institute for Human RIghts
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Marie Juul Petersen is a senior researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. She holds a PhD from the Institute for Regional and Cross-Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include Islam, international organizations, human rights, development, and humanitarian aid. She has written extensively on these topics, including For Humanity or for the Umma? Aid and Islam in International Muslim NGOs (Hurst & Co., 2016), Islamic Charity, Social Order and the Construction of Modern Muslim Selfhoods in Jordan (International Journal of Middle East Studies, 2014, with Dietrich Jung), and Instrumental, Narrow, Normative? Reviewing Recent Literature on Religion and Development (Third World Quarterly, 2011, with Ben Jones). She has also written a number of reports and policy papers, including Islamic or Universal Human Rights? The OIC’s Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (Danish Institute for International Studies, 2012).