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Kris Abrams
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights
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Kris lives and works for a society in which we treat each other and the natural world with dignity, respect, and love. She got her start in activism by producing the national, independent radio/TV newshour Democracy Now! from the time George W. Bush took power through the invasion of Iraq. She then moved to Boulder, CO to lead KGNU’s campaign to expand into Denver, and then worked with community leaders in Denver to launch Let Us Rise, a grassroots organization which aims to create a positive vision for the communities we yearn for, via participatory democratic engagement. She currently works with the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights on communications, individual giving, and sustaining activism. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Brown University, and her Masters in Economic and Social History from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. She loves hiking, backpacking, the mountains, and dance.