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John Fawcett
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John Fawcett has twenty years experience with international humanitarian aid in front line, regional and head office roles. He is a trained Social Worker and Counsellor and has many years experience in senior Human Resources management roles in global organizations.  He has led training processes in a wide variety of contexts, including leadership and organizational design in complex contexts plus a period of time as an Associate Lecturer at the Auckland School of Social Work. He has since worked in a number of highly complex environments including Kosovo, West Bank, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. With a primary focus on ensuring staff health, wellbeing and enhanced capacity he is now regarded as one of the world leaders in the rapidly developing area of staff support. Since beginning this work in Cambodia in the early 1990’s Mr Fawcett has assisted in the development of global standards to enhance safety, stress-management and well-being of both local and international staffs providing humanitarian assistance. He has led a number of research projects focussed on identifying risk and protective factors and has published widely on this topic. Studies in this field clearly indicate the need for appropriate organizational processes and over the past ten years Mr Fawcett has focussed on Organizational Development as a key way to enhance operational effectiveness and individual staff functioning. During the past five years, as Director of Staff Wellness and Organizational Transition he led the development and implementation of a comprehensive staff wellness program for Save the Children US staff impacted by the Asian Tsunami. This program focused on the development of appropriate cross-cultural staff support practices within a complex global organizational structure. Most recently Mr Fawcett has collaborated in the implementation of a staff support program in Haiti. He is presently co-leading an initiative to establish global minimum operating standards for staff support funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). His present professional portfolio of services includes executive coaching and mentoring, spiritual direction and retreat leadership, organizational advisory and staff support services and professional writing.