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graduate student
The University of Kansas
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Currently I am a WORLD Enabled Research Fellows and take part in the Inclusive Cities Lab Workshops.

In summer 2015 I have worked with Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP, Professor and Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses at the Ohio State University as an Edmund S. Muskie Intern. During fall semester 2014, supported by Fulbright I began a 2-year Masters of Urban Planning degree at the University of Kansas. My previous experience included an emphasis on making connections and working cooperatively, including internationally. For two years, I facilitated international conferences for the Ukraine-USA Foundation. During ten years working for the city of Cherkasy (population 290,000), I acted as liaison between city government and nongovernmental organizations, political parties, law enforcement, and mass media; represented the city in European-Union sponsored conferences in Georgia, Tunisia, and Turkey, and was selected for the 2013 Warsaw Euro-Atlantic College of Europe Summer Academy.  Within the United States, I studied two years at Missouri State University and spent a month working with Illinois State Senator Pamela Althoff as part of the American Council for International Education Legislative Fellowship Program; subsequently, I won an international grant competition among graduates of this program for a project to empower Ukrainians who are blind or have compromised eyesight.  My varied public policy and planning interests include the use of information technology in governmental and corporate planning and practice. I initiated website use in Cherkasy city government, and beginning November 2013, I served as project manager for programmers at N3W Normal LLC, a Ukrainian company now registered also in the United States. Through this employment, I established and maintain connections with a wide range of technology experts, both governmental and private, in Ukraine. My specialization within Masters of Urban Planning program at the University of Kansas is Sustainable Land Use Planning, and I am more generally interested in public policy processes, institutional decision-making, and connecting theoretical abstractions to practical situations.