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Denis Rigdon
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Caruthers Street Charities, Inc. dba Project HOPE
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Active in community development in the Bootheel of MO, Cape Girardeu, etc.  Generated an adult, team mentoring program with tools we've developed, including an objective scoring tool participants use to score themselves on initial status and progress with their 10 point Life Plan for Succes.  The tool is called:  Family Self-Sufficiency Scale and can be accessed, along with all the tools we developed and now provide for free to support adult mentoring at www.mentor.blog.com - we also offer free tecnical support from 10 years of experience recruiting, training, and supporting mentors and participants to move toward self-sufficiency, dignity in life, with a plan that works.  We developed innovative community programs that have addressed previously unmet needs, e.g. Gabe's Autos vehicle donation / provision program listed on the national website:  www.workingcarsfroworkingfamilies.org - We've provided 225+ vehicles, mostly to people being mentored toward a better life, etc.