New Features: private messaging, tagging users, spell check comments & more

We're excited to announce some new community-requested features on the website! Thanks to the help of Palante Technology Cooperative, we've added the following new features:

  • Private Messaging - Do you ever wish you could contact New Tactics community members directly (and privately) with a question? We know you have been waiting for this feature and now it's finally available! You will see a button on each user profile (when you are logged-in) that allows you to send that person a private message. We call these messages private because the content of the messages are not included in the email notification that goes out to that user. The only way to read the message is to log-in to your New Tactics account (so be sure to make strong passwords!). For instructions and more information on how to use this feature, visit this FAQ on private messaging.
  • Tagging Users in Comments - It can be hard to keep up with all of our New Tactics conversations so it helps to get a little nudge sometimes when certain comments are added to our discussions. We've add the ability to tag New Tactics community members in comments so that they are notified via email that something has been added to a New Tactics discussion that they might be particularly interested in. For instructions and more information on how to use this feature, visit this FAQ on tagging users.
  • Spell Check Comments - Before posting a comment to a New Tactics discussion, you can check the spelling of your text by clicking the 'ABC' button found next to your formatting buttons. For more information, visit this FAQ on how to check spelling a comment.
  • Improvements to Search Filters - We have improved the search filters in our Resource Library and Explore Tactics section so that users will more easily find what they are looking for. Once you click on a filter, the website will automatically narrow down the results to that selection.
  • Social Media Share Buttons - You will notice that we have added social media share buttons to the bottom of most of the content on the New Tactics website. This will make it easier for you to share our content with your networks on social media!

Any questions? Add your comments below!


These features have been developed with support from the Open Society Foundation.