What is a New Tactics Conversation?

The New Tactics conversation is an online discussion between human rights defenders.  Participants in the conversations share their experiences, learn from others and meet new allies.

The conversation is an open, public forum for human rights defenders to discuss their experiences advancing a human rights strategy and implementing a particular tactic.

These conversations allow participants to:

  • Reflect on their work by sharing their experiences
  • Learn from others’ experiences and find new tactics
  • Connect with new allies and create new networks and communities of practice

The format for these discussions is similar to an asynchronous online forum; participants log-in and add their comments throughout the duration of the conversation. The conversations are held monthly on different topics (i.e. Using Mobile Phones for Citizen Media) and are active for five days (Monday through Friday on the English site and Sunday through Thursday on the Arabic site). All of these conversations are available on our website.


For more information, visit these related Frequently Asked Questions:

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