What is #HumanRightsChat?

#HumanRightsChat began as a discussion between human rights activists on Twitter. While we no longer hold Twitter chats, we encourage activists to share their experiences advancing human rights strategy using this hashtag. More recently, New Tactics has launched the Human Rights Chat podcast, where we interview activists and human rights defenders on their best resources for more strategic and effective advocacy. The Human Rights Chat podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and SoundCloud.

What is a #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant?

A New Tactics #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant is someone who has committed to participate in New Tactics' #HumanRightsChat via Twitter to share their experience or expertise on a particular conversation topic.

Participating as a #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant is a great opportunity for you to reflect on your own work, share resources and experiences, and learn from peers and allies.

What is Tactical Mapping?

The Tactical Mapping process was developed by New Tactics in Human Rights to help organizations evaluate their own context and the broader situation from a different perspective.

Tactical Mapping is used to think about key relationships (people, groups, institutions), tactics and potential allies. The process sets the stage for creating strategy and identifying and implementing tactics.

Why am I asked to log in?

The New Tactics Community is a place for human rights advocates around the world to gather, share thoughts and reflections, hold discussions, and collaborate with others.  Anyone can view comments on our online Conversations, but you will need to register and log in to add your own comments.


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