Share resources that can help communities effectively use technology to protect children.

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Share resources that can help communities effectively use technology to protect children.

What guides have you found useful? Share your websites, articles, guides, case studies, videos and other online resources by adding your comments to this discussion thread.

7 (or more) questions to ask before adding ICTs

I posted this in the other thread, but realized maybe it should go here?

7 (or more) questions to ask before adding ICTs

Here is another short piece that I summarized from a longer guide that Plan created. There are a number of other resources linked to in this post:

Incorporating ICTs into proposals


A few more resources

UNICEF West Africa wrote up a nice briefing note on mobile tech and its relevance in child protection programming. You can download it here.

Some videos on the realities of using ICTs/mobiles in health that we might think about for child protection also.

Child participation at events: getting it right - Children and adolescent’s participation in decisions that affect them is key. More and more, decision makers are realizing that they need to consult with children when they are making decisions about children, meaning that children have more opportunities to weigh in on issues that impact on their lives. Not knowing how to manage a good [...]

Community based child protection - Of what value is a computer if you don’t have regular access to it? If you don’t have an operating system, some programs, virus protection, electricity, and increasingly, internet? Of what value is a school building without caring and qualified teachers, a relevant curriculum, engaged parents, students who desire an education, families that see the [...]

7 (or more) questions to ask before adding ICTs - When looking at integrating ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) into existing programs, or making an initiative go further or work better with ICTs, there is a lot to figure out before you even get started…. Over the past few months, I’ve been supporting the development of a mobile data gathering/ crowd sourcing and mapping workshop [...]

Finding some ICT answers in Benin - In my last post, I wrote about key questions to ask before adding ICTs to a development initiative, using the example of a violence against children program I’m working on in Benin. The piece that was missing, and which came together over the past 2 weeks, was the view from the ground. We just finished [...]

Tweaking SMS violence reporting system in Benin - In February I was in Benin to support staff to pilot the idea of using SMS reporting (FrontlineSMS) and digital mapping (Ushahidi) to strengthen local and national systems for reporting, tracking and responding to violence against children.  We conducted 2 workshops in mid-February with youth leaders, frontline staff, community members, local authorities from the Center [...]

Tracking violence against children in Benin video - Our Tracking Violence Against Children in Benin project won first prize for Most Innovative Use of Technology or Social Media in Plan’s internal Global Awards contest. The competition was fierce and we were up against some really great projects. Here’s a nice video overview of the project and where we hope to take the initiative [...]

Cyber safety info for parents and carers

Just adding another link from the Kids Helpline website to a cybersafety campaign we developed in tandem with our major corporate partner - Optus (owned by Sing-Tel Communications) aimed at helping adults including teachers and parents to educate children and young people about how to stay safe online . The strategy including using videos with computer generated images of kids in various cyber-related situations, was also used as a tool in the KHL@School pilot- giving teachers suggestions for classroom activities to get kids interested in thinking through long term consequences of actions.


Chiworld- A global portal for children

One more very important website- this global portal was created by Child Helpline International to enable children anywhere in the world to go to one single website to find the child helpline contact details for their country....also useful if they are on the move and only need to remember one address

CHI - resource for stakeholders

Yes, of course Philippa, well you posted this about CHIworld! And I just want to repeat and promote CHI (Child Helpline International) and its website for resources and support on everything that has to do with child helplines. There are still a lot of countries (or parts of) in the world where children lack this opportunity and child oriented link in the national child protection system. For interested stakeholders CHI is the  place to go.

"Empowering Women and Girls Through ICT at Libraries"

With apologies for the late arrival into this great dialogue, I thought I would share a resource I discovered through Stanford University's Liberation Technologies group. This is Beyond Access' "Empowering Women and Children Through ICT at Libraries," a report and resource on secure access to ICTs for girls. See

In my own work, which focuses on the intersection of social innovation, activism, and creative media/cultural expression, I've been working on a transmedia project around migration through the Americas, and I've been interested in technology and narrative in this realm.  This report about child migrants, which mentions the importance of communications technologies to their sense of stability, is an interesting resource:  In a similar vein, Amnesty International has been looking at using ICTs and personal narrative as a way to document and protect migrants:, including children.

I am a former Board Member of, which recently announced its wrap-up, but still has all its information resources available. The website is a good place to access resources on mobile technologies and communications for development/activism, including a good set on children. 

Another resource that may be of interest, rather different than the above, is the website and social media collected around the documentary "Bully" at its social action site, "The Bully Project":

(On another note, I wanted to point you to a few projects that continue in the vein of storytelling and are not necessarily aimed at protection of children and the subject of this dialogue, but rather at enhancing experience. They may be of interest, and are lovely transmedia projects aimed at a new way of looking at interactive education: (1)  and (2)

Finally, I'm not sure if anyone else has posted this in the other threads, but the Internet Governance Forum appears to be hosting a panel at its convening in Baku next month on ICTS and child protection:

media literacy resource

Another great resource that Lina just shared with me by email, that is also relevant here is this great study on rethinking 21st century Media/Digital Literacy by Henry Jenkins. 

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