Work-life Balance

Noor Zada is the MENA initiative manager

I have always struggled to balance my life between family and work, but now I think that work-life balance is a total myth. Instead you need to strive for a work-life blend. Family is most important but work is also a big part of my life.

As a mother of two I don’t want to miss my daughters’ childhoods. I want to witness their milestones. I simply want to practice motherhood fully; I don’t want ever to look back and notice that I was not there for them. On the other hand, I love what I do. Working with human rights activists from around the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region is very inspiring; I get to provide training and mentoring using the outstanding Strategic Effectiveness Method that changes people’s lives.

Since I completed my maternity leave I have been on a flexible work schedule that includes a mixture of working from the office and from home. I think that CVT makes this kind of option available because the organization believes in women’s empowerment. I have to admit, it is priceless to work and also be available when my children need me. Having a flexible work schedule is not magical; there are rough days that include deadlines and an unhappy baby. However, this is life; it’s never perfect but some choices bring us closer.

I do feel fortunate as a woman to be supported by my husband, extended family, friends, my supervisor and CVT. I know that many women don’t enjoy this support and they suffer from violence, injustice and discrimination. It’s important to remember the voices of the many women that go unheard, especially on International Women’s Day.

This year’s theme for the day is #BalanceforBetter. Balance is not just a women’s issue and is not about keeping balance in a woman’s life. It’s actually a business issue. It’s gender-balanced laws and regulations. It’s a gender-balanced work place. It’s gender-balanced representation, and so much more. So put your hands up and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women everywhere. That’s what I, as a mother and activist, strive to do every day.

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