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a- Border Center For Developmental Studies and Human Rights (BDSHR) is a Civilian company and a non-profit organization which was established in the forefront of 2013 in accordance with the provisions of the Civil law concerning the civil companies by a group of youth who have an experience in the field of community’s development and human rights. They met after a popular revolution to defend a deep issues related to the border areas and also related to the marginalized categories of the tribal minority character and, highlight them. Their aims are achieving the human dignity, defending his rights , giving awareness about his duties towards the community, and support the development and human rights for different classes, and preparing the conscious cadres in order to a real and a comprehensive construction for the community.
We believe that the opportunity of changing the society to the better won’t achieve unless concentrate the high principles for which the people came out.
b- Border Center (BDSHR) is seeking to target the unknown social categories which lives on the border areas. The Center also seeks to build bridges of communication and integration between these categories and each other, and the defense of their own social issues in the perspective of human rights through :
1- Permanent observation of the problems of society and to identify obstacles to development through monitoring and research unit.
2- Preparation of promising cadres to be able to lead locomotive effective community development to the advancement of society.
3- Raising the level of awareness and establish the concept of citizenship and active participation among target groups.
4- Defending the rights of indigenous peoples and racial and ethnic minorities and women and children's rights in accordance with the customs and traditions of human in rights’ areas, exercise and activation of democracy and political reform.
5- Human capacity’s development for uninhibited institutions (governmental or non-governmental ) and the provision of continuous professional education in order to qualify them to perform their role effectively in the community.
6- Building bridges of partnership and integration between the center and various institution of civil society in order to achieve the maximum benefit for community from the various developmental efforts.
7- The concept of mutual responsibility and decency partnership become stable between civil society organizations and governments in the formulation and implementation of plans for community’s development
c- Centre Borders (BDSHR) seeks to create practical opportunities for giving developmental support to the target groups through the involvement of its members in making social solutions and to try the experiment of development with the concept of social participation and the giving opportunity to the distinct elements in participating in the design of the Centre's future activities or editing some existing activities, thereby helping to increase their effectiveness.
d- Center Borders (BDSHR) is a civilian non-profit Company consisted of three local partners and foreign partner representing the administration Council of the Centre in addition to the organizational structure of the center which is consisted of: -
Committee of Planning, coordination and information.
Committee of preparation for seminars, courses, conferences and campaigns.
Committee of Public Relations and the media.
Finance Committee.
Projects Committee
There are 3 employees with fixed salary beside 6 volunteers.
The center includes 64 regular members in its constituent assembly
Making decision process:
The decisions of the Council are taken by an absolute majority (50% of the members + 1) except the decision related to modify the main system or the integration of the center which must be issued by a two-thirds majority.
e- The organization’s team work has participated more than one the initiative after the first 18 days of the revolution twenty-fifth of January.
((The initiative of my hand in your hand to build Egypt and will begin from Aswan))
This is an initiative by youth and its target is reaching to the civil community’s simple individuals for a simplified understanding to the objectives of the revolution of January 25 such as the rules of social justice and equity in the distribution of national income within the community.
This initiative has scoured the Aswan Governorate slums and villages and contributed to the development of cultural awareness of the community to a lot of members of the target group.
And it has an element of force to confront and erase the impact of the political discourse directed to impose a political faction with a religious authority in those areas