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Evgeni Genchev
ACET - Assistance Center for Torture Survivors, Sofia, Bulgaria

Evgeni Genchev M.D. is a psychiatrist and a pioneer of Bulgarian psychotherapy. He is a founder of the Assistance Center for Torture Survivors (ACET). In his more than 10 years long practice in torture rehabilitation and torture prevention in Bulgaria, he has taken part in all the projects for police officers training in human rights and ill-treatment and torture prevention, that ACET has organized. He has also taken part in the publications ACET has made on the topic. His international experience includes training of staff for torture rehabilitation and prevention (working with the police) in Kosovo and active participation in the professional meetings of the Balkan Network for Torture Survivors (BA.N). His other professional activities include private practice in psychotherapy, training psychodrama, teaching in university Master programs for social work and training and supervision of staff of social institutions for children and adolescents.