Eka Siradze-Delaunay

صورة Eka Siradze-Delaunay
Ecaterine Siradze-Delaunay
International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy - ISFED

Ecaterine is the executive director of ISFED (International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy), a leading Georgian NGO that focuses on election monitoring and democracy promotion. ISFED played a central role in monitoring and evaluating the results of the recent Georgian Parliamentary elections in May 2008 and Presidential elections in February. She has an extensive background working as an election observer, both in Georgia and abroad, including as a long-term election observer during the Moldova elections in the summer of 2007. The organization has is supported by NDI, NED, EU, CoE, Eurasia Foundation and the OSCE to implement programs on election monitoring, auditing voters’ lists, conducting Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) community development and local self-governance in Georgia. Ms. Siradze-Delaunay received her undergraduate degree in Law from the Technical University of Georgia in 1998 and obtained an MA in Crisis Analysis and Prevention from the University of Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris 1 in 2004. Ms. Siradze-Delaunay is also one of the first recipients of the Bill Maynes Fellowship, a program run by Eurasia Foundation.