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Alicia Marván

Alicia Marván (Mexico/USA) is an artist, curator and educator dedicated to contemporary and experimental practices. She has been involved in the creation of over 100 projects that include original performance works and interdisciplinary collaborations, many of which have received support from cultural organizations and academic institutions in Mexico and USA. Her interdisciplinary approach to art/life has led her to an ongoing investigation of a variety of media that explores color, space, form, movement, time and thought. Always interested in the dialogue between art and life, as well as the interaction between art/space/viewer, her work often manifests in alternative spaces such as urban, industrial and natural settings. Marván trained in Visual Arts, Performance and Sculpture, and has taught at acclaimed universities such as the CENART and the University of the Americas in México and San Diego State University in the USA. She directs the Guapamacátaro Interdisciplinary Residency in Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico.